Dare to Prepare


A 45 to 90-minute lively workshop for pre-driving teens and their parents.


To many parents, the thought of their teen becoming a driver is a scary one and they’re probably wondering “What is there for me to do this far in advance of driver’s education with my teen?” Well, there’s a lot they can do! Your school can help by conducting AAA’s Dare to Prepare workshop for them and their pre-driving teens. The workshop focuses on:


     o    Importance of parental involvement,

     o    Understanding the reasons why teens crash,

     o    Understanding your state’s graduated driver licensing laws,

     o    Identifying what to look for when choosing a vehicle for your teen,

     o    Importance of parent-teen driving agreement and more!


Dare to Prepare is designed for both parents and pre-driving teens together, but versions of it are available for just teens or just parents. It comes with a presenter’s guide and PowerPoint, as well as a lot of ideas and activities to get parents and teens engaged in the workshop.

Being an active participant in their teen’s driving learning curve is more important than they may know. Help your school’s parents get started! Contact Don Lindsey at AAA in Knoxville (dlindsey@aaasouth.com or 865-862-9250) to schedule a Dare to Prepare workshop, or to schedule a train-the-trainer workshop for your school’s staff.